About Us

The mission of Simon of the Cross Ministries (the Ministry) is to encourage, initiate and facilitate fruitful adult faith formation that is both engaging and explicitly faithful to the core elements of the Catholic faith, tradition and practice.

The Ministry is named for Simon of Cyrene, a devout Jew who, while on pilgrimage in Jerusalem for the feast of Passover, was called to help Jesus carry His cross to Calvary. Simon’s encounter with Christ resulted in his conversion. His sharing of the Good News is evident by the conversion of his two sons, Rufus and Alexander. (Mark 15:21)

As Catholic Christians, we are called to a life of ongoing conversion, bearing the cross of Christ in our world today and sharing the Gospel of Christ to all we encounter. In so doing we continue to carry out the Church’s pastoral ministry.

The Ministry was founded in response to two experience based observations; 1) that converts to Catholicism frequently exhibit a more vibrant faith experience than do lifelong Catholics and 2) that quite possibly the best thing we can do in regard to educating our youth is to educate their parents.

Accordingly, the Ministry applies as its primary model the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults to a catechetical process designed specifically for initiated adults especially for parents and those commonly involved in the lives of youth and young adults. The Ministry uses as its primary learning resources the New American Bible, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and certain of the documents of Vatican Council II. These documents along with Bishops Statements and Vatican Statements are available at www.usccb.org on the “Church Documents” tab and through the following links:

New American Bible Vatican Council II Documents Catechism Other Documents

Simon of the Cross Ministry does not charge parishes for its services. Additionally, all Bibles, Catechisms and other learning resources are made available to event participants at cost or free of charge to those in need. Accordingly, all financial requirements of the Ministry must be satisfied by free-will donations. We thank you for your support. Please keep us in your prayers.